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The Lifehouse Storm

Interesting Info on Lifehouse....


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The boys' full names:

Sergio Miguel Andrade

Jason Michael Wade

 Rick Robert Woolstenhulme

Cool Quotes:

At the Vineyard, Lifehouse played some of the same songs they play today, including "Hanging by a Moment" and "Everything." "They were probably some of the most amazing worship experiences I've ever had, listening to him and the band," says Owen. "People were like, 'How could a kid that age be writing these songs?"

Lifehouse, during an interview:

Rick was the last to join and make up the trio, "Yeah, the original drummer left the band. I  joined the band a little over a year ago. I was rehearsing with another band next door to these guys. Me and J used to pass each other all the time in the hallway. So we never
properly met. And then I ended up being fired from the band I was playing in. I don't know why I got fired. I sucked, I guess!" Jason is quick to add that "Our original drummer was so bad, that when Rick joined he was bad, but not that bad!", to which Rick retorts, "I'm actually getting worse and worse as the tours go on!". [Jason] "As he gets more and more into Frank Zappa" [Rick] "It gets more far out!"

But when Lifehouse lead singer Jason Wade croons those lyrics, from the band's current huge hit, ``Hanging by a Moment,'' he's not singing about his girl, he's singing about his God. However, any way you want to interpret it is fine with him. Wade deliberately writes his songs so nonbelievers will be comfortable but devout worshipers can apply the lyrics to their faith. ``A lot of kids will come up to me and ask if `Hanging by a Moment' is about God,'' says Wade on the phone from Philadelphia. When he tells them yes, ``it's like a relief to them.''



Jason on performing for audiences at an elementary school auditorium:
Jason: At that point we had never played a club, so when DreamWorks [Records] was [thinking about signing] us, they had to come down to see us play at Webster Elementary. That's pretty much where we got discovered.


That looks like fun!

Jason's birthday is on July 5
Jason was born in Calabassas, CA
Sergio's birthday is October 17
Serge was born in Guatemala
Rick's birthday is September 20
Rick was born in Aurora, Colorado

Jason has an older sister named Jamie

Serge was going to college to be a vet, but put it on hold to be in Lifehouse

Lifehouse's debut album was named after a track which failed to make the final cut for the record.



Look!!  It's Sean, Rick's brother.  Some people are shocked that Seanie left The Calling to join Lifehouse this summer, but the idea does not seem so new to Sean!!:)-

"It's always been my biggest dream to tour with my brother. I love to watch him (play) every night."
- Sean