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The Lifehouse Storm
Welcome to the Storm

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This is a site dedicated to the world's best band, Lifehouse.  This site includes loads of pictures, info on the band, touring schedules, discographies,  news, and more!

November 2002 Interview

Cool New Article About SC

Click here to read article on Stanley Climbfall

I will try to keep this site as updated as possible, even though I have a crazy schedule!!!  I hope you like the site, and if you have info, pix, or any great stuff on the band, feel more than welcome to share it with me!!!  Thanx!

Recent News and Rumors
I have a ton of photos I took at a Lifehouse concert last month!  Some of them are pretty good.  I will try to scan them in soon!!  Lifehouse's summer tour rocks!  Hope you can catch them!
Lifehouse's worship album is finished!!!  Read about it here!
Lifehouse is included in the Smallville soundtrack !  It rocks!!  Pick up a copy!
Stanley Climbfall is out in stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Go pick up a copy!  You will not be sorry!!!  Lifehouse rox.
If you have heard rumors about a SCF DVD, it is true, it does exist.  It may be kinda hard to get one, but it includes an interview, and the songs Wash, Am I Ever Gonna Find Out, and Spin.

In a deal inked on Wednesday, August 28, DREAMWORKS RECORDS signed with SPARROW RECORDS for the placement of LIFEHOUSE product with the CHRISTIAN BOOKSELLERS ASSOCIATION (CBA). DREAMWORKS, still the label home for the band, will continue to handle all mainstream distribution for LIFEHOUSE, but the SPARROW RECORDS' marketing and promotion teams will handle all work to the CBA Marketplace.  --courtesy of

 Stanley Climbfall, for a limited time after its September release, will have bonus tracks on it!  Sounds great to me!
I have a few pictures that I took at the Lifehouse concert I recently attended!  I finally got them back and will be scanning them in within the next couple of days!

The band!!

Jason Wade: Vocals and guitar
Rick: Drums
Sergio: a mean Bass!
Sean: Guitar


Wanna hear the new single, Spin?  Download a sound clip here!

click here to download file


It's Lifehouse!!!!


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